Aijiu Lamp Therapy


  • Treatment Details

Treatment Details

Aijiu (Moxibustion) is one of the oldest and natural forms of treatment with a history dated many years ago.  Mugwort is a traditional Chinese herbal which releases blockage in the energy pathways and activates circulation in your body when heated and placed close to your body. The intention is to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body and dispel irrational influences. Other therapeutic benefits include relieving stress, enhancing body immunity and improving sleeping conditions. 

Main Treatment Effects

  • Relieves pain due to injury or discomfort 
  • Protection against cold and other common illnesses
  • Improves sleep and enhance blood flow 

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Treatment Procedure: 

1.    Clean Treated Area
2.    Machine Preparation
3.    Perform Aijiu machine
4.    End of Treatment

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