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  • Treatment Details

Treatment Details

Main Treatment Effects

  • Increase Metabolism 加速新陳代謝
  • Smoothen the flow of “QI “and blood 暢通氣血
  •  Deeply detox body toxin 深層排除身体毒素
  • Accelerate circulation 促進血液循環 
  • Clear the body lymphatic vessels and meridians and get rid of water retention 快速疏通身体各部位的淋巴管及经络和去水肿
  • Prevention of varicose veins and other symptoms due to lymphatic and meridian barrier预防如静脉曲张等因淋巴管及经络不通的各种症状
  • Improve blood circulation, balance the body energy 改善血液循环,平衡体內能量
  • Reduce body sore and pain, tiredness, headache, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high sugar level, etc 解除身体酸痛,疲劳,头痛,三高

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