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Breasts are often taken at face value, however, there is so much more to them- they contain mammary glands (to produce milk) and a complex network of lobes, ducts, blood vessels and tissues, and they too, require healthcare.

Many women face breast pain and congestion due to poor circulation from wearing tight, underwired bras that restrict lymphatic circulation and accumulated toxins that get lodged in fatty tissues of the breasts. A lack of circulation in the breasts may cause the formation of lumps. Pregnancy and breastfeeding issues such as engorgement, blocked milk ducts, and formation of stretch marks can also cause discomfort and pose concerns.

Common Breast Issues/Concerns:

  •     Pre-Menstrual Congestion
  •     Formation of Lumps
  •     Soreness Breasts
  •     Blocked Milk Ducts
  •     Breast Engorgement
  •     Stretch Marks
  •     Saggy Breasts


Bioskin’s Bust Care Treatment is a specially formulated breast massage that aids in the overall improvement of breast health while achieving firmer breasts. Good circulation in the breasts reduces the risk of blocked duct which can lead to breast cancer.

How it works:

  • Massage promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage to remove accumulated toxins and waste products, reducing congestion and preventing the formation of lumps. Sodium levels in breast milk have been proven to be lower after breast massage.
  • Clears milk ducts and gets milk to flow more freely to resolve breast engorgement. Unblocking the milk ducts also triggers better milk production. 
  • Massage tones tissues in the breasts, resulting in firmer breasts.
  • Massage eases strain and tightness build-up in chest muscles under the breast tissues caused by poor posture and lack of exercise.
  • Oxytocin, a feel-good hormone is released during breast massage, relieving stress. 


Main Treatment Effects

  •     Improves blood circulation
  •     Stimulates lymphatic drainage
  •     Reduces lobules congestion and lumps formation 
  •     Early detection of unusual lumps inside breasts
  •     Reduces discomfort of pregnancy and breastfeeding
  •     Reduces the appearance of stretch marks
  •     Aids in breast milk production
  •     Improves quality of breast milk
  •     Achieves firmer breasts
  •     Relieves muscle tension and sore breasts
  •     Alleviates stress


Firming & Contouring Concentrate 

Contains Soy-Isoflavones that help strengthens the skin from within. Effectively creates beautiful contours. Apply on desired areas until completely absorbed. For best results, follow through with the use of firming and contouring gel.

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Treatment Procedure:

  1. Measurement Before Massage
  2. Preparation and Exfoliation
  3. Bust Massage 
  4. GP696 Machine Padding 
  5. Hot Mask 
  6. Post Massage Measurement


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