Instant Ovary/ Ovary Care Treatment

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Ovaries that produce ovum (eggs)  are part of the female reproductive system. They produce and release the eggs into the fallopian tubes midway through each menstrual cycle. They also produce the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone.

Unhealthy ovaries can cause:

  •     Blocked fallopian tubes
  •     Endometriosis
  •     Unexplained infertility
  •     Ovarian cysts
  •     Menstrual cramps
  •     Stress caused from fertility issues
  •     Poor circulation
  •     Lower back pain
  •     Bloating
  •     Vaginal dryness
  •     Irritability and moodiness

Bioskin’s Ovary Care Treatment is a specially formulated treatment to improve ovarian function, blood circulation to the cervix and uterus and overall health of the female reproductive system. This treatment includes Herbal Tummy Candling with pressure point massage. 

Suitable for:

  •     Ladies with a sedentary lifestyle
  •     Ladies with high cholesterol levels


Main Treatment Effects

  •     Improves blood circulation to the cervix & uterus
  •     Reduces pain, cramps & clotting during menstrual cycle
  •     Reduces stress 
  •     Promotes hormonal balance & reduces vaginal discharge
  •     Eliminates bloating & water retention
  •     Repositions tilted uterus due to after birth drooping


Ovary Wellness Oil (Top up)

Nourishes the uterus, balances hormones and moisturises stretch marks. During the massage, customer may feel a warm sensation and this is due to the friction between the oil and abdomen. Each molecule of the essential oil is a thousand times smaller than the pores of the skin, which makes it exceptionally absorbable into the skin. Penetration of the oil and warming up of the muscles prepares the soft tissue for deeper treatments.

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Treatment Procedure:

  1. Skin Analysis
  2. Ovary Massage with Magic Touch
  3. Herbal Tummy Candling with Pressure Point Massage 
  4. Hot Mask


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