Ba Guan

  • Description


Bioskin offers traditional Ba Guan Treatment (traditional cupping therapy) that helps to balance your body's energy and improve general wellness. 


  •     Dissolves blood blockages instantly
  •     Remove toxins & prevents blood stasis
  •     Expels cold & dampness
  •     Regulates flow of Qi
  •     Relives tense muscles 
  •     Alleviates pain and soreness


How it works: 

Tissue is drawn up by the vacuum created when cups are placed against body, which increases blood flow and loosens tight muscles.


  • Is cupping painful?

It is a mild suction force which should not be painful. Some do not even feel anything at all throughout the treatment.

  • How long do cupping marks last?

A few days - 2 weeks, it varies from one individual to another. It also depends on how long the blockage existed in the body and how serious the existing condition is.

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