Triple-Pulsed Light (TPL) Hair Removal Treatment

Bioskin’s TPL Hair Removal Treatment provides a permanent and complete solution to hair removal. 

  • Treatment Details

Treatment Details

 Shaving can cause cuts, irritation to the skin and ingrown hair. It is also a hassle to shave constantly. Repeated shaving will also cause hair to grow thicker, like a man’s moustache!

Bioskin’s TPL Hair Removal Treatment provides a permanent and complete solution to hair removal. It uses Triple-Pulsed Light technology which emits 3 pulses of light with each click and its effects run deep into the skin to destroy the hair follicles. It is able to remove all types of hair, even stubborn, fine and grey hair.  

Main Treatment Effects


  •  Permanent and complete hair removal
  •  Deep penetration to destroy hair follicles
  •  Works on all types of hair
  •  Antiseptic effect



1. Clean area, 

2. Shave all existing hair, 

3. Apply ALoe vera gel, 

4. TPL light treatment, 

5. Remove Aloe vera gel, 

6. Apply Calming mint gel, 

7. End

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