Baby Skin Booster Face Treatment

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Bioskin's Baby Skin Booster Face Treatment rejuvenates mature, dry skin to achieve a fresh, youthful glow by injecting pure Vitamin C and Placenta directly below the skin's surface with a unique patented technology- a series of micro injections that deliver immediate and lasting plumpness to the skin, giving it improved firmness, elasticity and smoothness. Fibroblast is stimulated by instigating wound healing from the micro injuries.

Main Treatment Effects

  • Restore youthful skin appearance
  • Promote collagen production
  • Boost skin elasticity and firmness
  • Fade pigmentation 
  • Correct dullness and brightens skin
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines


Placenta is an effective skin firming, hydrating and healing ingredient that boosts collagen synthesis and combats ageing. 

Ascorbic Acid
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is a vitamin that contains powerful antioxidant benefits. It accelerates the production of collagen and elastin to maintain skin’s firmness and plumpness. It prevents premature ageing of skin, fades pigmentation and reduces dullness. 

Hydro Max
Bioskin’s Hydro Max is a powerful humectant that strengthens skin’s lipid barrier and locks in moisture for a youthful and supple look.  


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Treatment Procedure:

Duration for treatment is approximately 1 hr 50 min

1. Cleanse
2. Scrub 
3. Application of Numbing Cream + Face Massage
4. Preparation and Application of Vitamin C + Placenta 
5. Serum Mask + Shoulder Massage 
6. Cryo Electroporation + Application of Hydro Max
7. Scalp Massage + Cold Mist
8. Aftercare Product Application

* Top-up options: A to E
A. Foot Pressure Detox
B. Ampoule
C. Eye Treatment
D. Lymphatic Neck Massage
E. Scalp & Shoulder Massage Therapy
A range of top-up options are available following an in-depth skin analysis and consultation. T&Cs apply

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