Instant Recovery Face Treatment

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Cleanse, Heal & Nourish

Bioskin’s Instant Recovery Face Treatment is a non-invasive and gentle skin repairing treatment that uses the Sonographic Technology. Widely used in the medical field, the Sonograph emits high frequency waves that send vibrations past tissue and cleanses the skin from within. With this added technology, serums and ampoules can be easily delivered to the dermis layer of skin to nourish and enhance treatment results. It also aids in reducing swelling and fluid retention. Furthermore, it helps to speed up skin healing processes by increasing blood flow to the treatment areas.

Main Treatment Effects

  •    Gentle cleansing of skin’s surface and pores
  •    Stimulate skin repair mechanisms
  •    Increases permeability of cosmeceuticals for enhanced treatment results
  •    Quickens skin healing and strengthens skin cell immunity


Added Benefits

  •    Increased cell metabolism
  •    Reduced inflammation
  •    Soothes irritated skin
  •    Rebuilds skin barrier
  •    Tightens and hydrates skin


Sonographic Treatment

Sonographic treatment uses vibrations to loosen debris and carry out gentle exfoliation through lifting of dead skin cells. It increases blood circulation to stimulate skin repair mechanism that aids in healing. It also helps to improve cell membrane permeability to allow easy penetration of serums.

Pro Recovery / Aloe Vera Serum

Bioskin’s Pro Recovery and Aloe Vera Serums helps to repair damaged skin, rebuild the skin barrier, instantly soothe irritated skin, reduce inflammation and restore skin hydration. 

Pro Recovery Mask

Bioskin's Pro Recovery mask provides the most intense moisturising, calming and anti-inflammatory effect to promote skin healing.

Watch Treatment Technology:

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Treatment Procedure:

Duration for treatment is approximately 1 hr 45 min

  1. Cleanse
  2. Application of 4-in-1 Aloe Vera Gel + Lip Balm + Cold Steam
  3. Sonography + Pro Recovery Serum + Aloe Vera Serum
  4. Serum Mask + Shoulder Massage
  5. Cold Steam + Scalp Massage
  6. Pro Recovery Mask + Aftercare Product Application


* Top-up options: A to E
A. Foot Pressure Detox
B. Ampoule
C. Eye Treatment
D. Lymphatic Neck Massage
E. Scalp & Shoulder Massage Therapy
A range of top-up options are available following an in-depth skin analysis and consultation. T&Cs apply

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