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Grey Hair Reverse Treatment

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Treatment Details

Say goodbye to grey hair and bring back your natural hair.


Introducing Bioskin's Grey Hair Reverse Treatment, developed effectively to prevent and reverse greying of the hair.


  • Safe And Chemical-Free Treatment.
  • This Is An Advanced Hair Pigmentation Treatment That Targets The Root Causes Of Aging Scalp From Within.
  • Packed With Natural Herbs And High Performing Ingredients That Possess Anti-Inflammatory,Antifungal, And Antibacterial Properties.
  • Antioxidative And Regenerative Effect And Fights Free Radicals.
  • Reinforces The Hair's Structure, Remineralizes The Scalp And Makes Your Hair Soft And Improve The Overall Condition Of The Scalp And Hair.



Transform grey hair to healthy natural hair seamlessly.

Hair is noticeably easier to manage and feels truly nourished after treatment.



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Treatment Procedure:

Duration for treatment is approximately 1 hr 30 min

Step 1: Shampoo wash with massage scalp + neck 

Step 2: Herbal waterfall 

Step 3: Black seed oil + Scalp massage 

Step 4: Preparation for Black Seed oil Herbal Scalp Mask 

Step 5: Black Seed oil Herbal Scalp Mask + Hot Steamer 

Step 6: Shoulder Massage 

Step 7: Shampoo wash with massage scalp + neck 

Step 8: Blow dry hair and apply black seed oil on hair ends

Step 9: End treatment


Inclusive top-up: A to E choose 3
A.    Foot Pressure Detox    
B.    Ampoule                        
C.    Eye Treatment                    
D.    Lymphatic Neck Massage
E.    Scalp & Shoulder Massage Therapy        

Note: In the course of treatment, the normal response of the skin could include peeling, redness, mild stinging sensation, dryness, itchiness, and surfacing of hidden clogs. These are perfectly normal symptoms indicating the treatment is taking effect on the skin. Consult your Bioskin Beauty Consultant if in doubt.

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