3-In-1 HQC Treatment

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Bioskin’s 3-in-1 HQC Treatment is specially designed for a hassle-free experience. It  combines 3 pampering treatments in one single visit, which include a Herbal Hair Colouring Treatment, a nourishing Coconut Scalp Treatment and a Customisable Express Facial Treatment

All 3 treatments are performed on our multi-functional bed so you may lay down and relax fully without having to move around.

3-in-1 HQC Treatment Summary:

Duration for treatment is approximately 2 hr

Korean Herbal Hair Colour

Enriched with various herbal plant extracts, our Korean Herbal Hair Colour is a natural way to colour your hair without any harsh and pungent chemicals. It nourishes, adds glow and moisture to your hair and does no damage to the scalp.

Quick Glow Facial

Our Quick Glow facials are the express version of our regular facial treatments- quicker but just as effective. Our consultants will customise a treatment that best suits your skin condition and needs. 

Coconut Scalp Detox Hair Treatment

Our Coconut Scalp Detox Hair Treatment targets rough, frizzy hair condition and returns shine, moisture and softness to hair. Here, we use pure cold-pressed, coconut oil sourced from Sri Lanka, and our in-house Stem Cell Scalp Peeling solution to provide deep but gentle scalp exfoliation. 

Coconut oil is used as it is packed with fatty acids and has both antibacterial and antioxidant properties. The Vitamin E, K and Iron present are also beneficial to the hair. 

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