Bioskin Hair Prosthesis

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Bioskin’s Korean Medical Hair Prosthesis Treatment is a non-invasive and dermatologically tested system for total or partial hair loss that guarantees a natural result. It is the best non-surgical and practical hair thickening solution against Alopecia, thinning and baldness.

Our natural hair replacement system is composed of a hypoallergenic base that guarantees complete breathability of the scalp. 

With Bioskin’s Korean Medical Hair Prosthesis, not only will you achieve your desired hair thickness and volume, it also provides you with complete functionality – the freedom for you to continue leading a perfectly normal lifestyle with no restrictions imposed. Feel free to return to high-impact sports without worrying about keeping the prosthesis intact.

Bioskin Hair Prosthesis is truly the perfect partial or total hair restoration system. 

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Premium Maintenance

While having a natural hair prosthesis, maintenance of the scalp is also crucial for comfortable and non-irritating wear.

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Treatment Procedure:

  • Stem Cell Scalp Peeling Solution with Scalp Massage 
  • High-Frequency Treatment – Germicidal effect for the scalp 
  • Oxygen ampoule spray – To supply Oxygen to the scalp
  • Infra-red Treatment – For better blood circulation, anti-bacterial effects and promotes healing
  • Application of Stem Cell Hair serum – To detangle hair


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The base acts like a second artificial skin that grants: - Biocompatibility with our skin and scalp - Transpiration of our scalp - Turnover cellular Therefore, the prosthesis will have no allergic effects with our body and scalp. In fact, the prosthesis has a CE Certification and a Medical Device Class A1.