Herbal Scalp Treatment

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Treatment Details



Bioskin’s Herbal Scalp Treatment is the all-new, effective solution for varying scalp conditions. This treatment offers numerous benefits, including increasing hair growth, rectifying oily scalp and restoring healthy hair balance.

Hair loss can occur due to various health issues such as poor kidney and liver function, weak circulation, and devitalized blood preventing the hair from absorbing essential nutrients. Furthermore, insufficient “yin” essence, overheated blood, heredity deficiencies, hormone changes that happen after childbirth or Chronic illness are factors that contribute to hair loss as well.

By improving both blood and "Qi" circulation along the meridian lines of the scalp in addition to our signature herbal scalp combing technique, balance is restored to the body which ultimately restores hair health. 

Coupled with a soothing scalp massage, this treatment is suitable for both men & women suffering from thinning hair or oily scalps.

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