Korean Herbal Hair Colour

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Bioskin’s Korean Herbal Hair Colour is a nourishing herbal colour treatment that is best for grey hair concealment- it provides full and even coverage. The colour is permanent and does not fade away. Touch-ups are only required at the roots when your hair naturally grows out after 4-6 weeks.

This colouring treatment only contains natural ingredients that provide nutrition and moisture to the hair & scalp, giving hair shine and softness. It does not contain any harmful chemicals such as PPD, Ammonia and Mineral Salts, hence you will not experience any dry hair, breakage, hair loss or irritation to the scalp. Therefore, you can colour your hair and look younger without worrying about harming your hair and scalp!  

Some Natural Ingredients include:

  •    Lavender

Promotes blood circulation to hair follicles for healthier hair growth and thickening, also prevents common scalp problems such as dry, itchy, oily scalp and dandruff.

  •   Rosemary 

Increases blood circulation, promotes healthy hair growth, strengthens hair, prevents premature greying and dandruff.

  •   Sage

Moisturising, stimulates hair growth, reduces formation of new grey hair, treats dandruff.

  •    Chamomile

Soothes scalp, boosts hair growth, prevents hair loss, restores hair shine

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Treatment Procedures:

  1. Preparation of Herbal Colour
  2. Application of Herbal Colour onto Hair
  3. Steam Hair (for colour absorption)
  4. Rinse off Herbal Colour 
  5. Blow Dry Hair


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