Scalp Bojin

  • Treatment Details

Treatment Details

Bioskin’s Scalp Bojin is an intensive signature treatment that reduces tension and stress associated with headaches and insomnia. Coupled with a scalp acupoint massage by our professional therapists, this treatment further activates the Meridien lines passing through our whole body. Overall, combination of results is achieved including stimulation of self-healing, tension relief and health maintenance. 

Main Treatment Effects

Duration for treatment is approximately 30 min

  • Removes chemical residues and nourish hair follicles 
  • Activates hair follicle cells and increases cells metabolism. 
  • Improves hair quality and prevents hair loss caused by scalp aging 
  • Long-term treatment can reduce the occurrence of grey hair 
  • Relieves brain fatigue and quickly decompress 
  • Effectively improves sleep quality
  • Reduces headache and risk of strokes if treated on a regular basis


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Treatment Summary:

1.    Scalp Acupoint Massage
2.    Scalp Bojin Treatment 

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