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Holistic Healing Program

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Treatment Details

Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate

Discover the power of natural healing, bring back health and wellness to your lifestyle and restore your balance with holistic healing program designed uniquely for you.

- Signature healing steps and invigorating.

- Designed to enhance circulation, relieve tension in muscles while healing and nourishing the body.

- Regenerates, firms and tones the skin.

- Removal of toxins.

- Re-energise the body, transformed with balanced mind and soul.

- Reduce congestions in the meridian lines which causes sore and pain in the body.

- Induces more blood and oxygen supply to the body.

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Treatment Procedure:

Step 1: Perform HEALING steps (Upper arm + upper back)

Step 2: Perform HEALING steps (Back thigh + back lower calf)

              [Approx. 20mins / part]

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