Massage Meltdown

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Bioskin’s professional masseurs are trained to provide our customers with massages that are tailored to fit to your needs.

For clients looking for complete relaxation, nothing really beats smooth stroking hand techniques used in a professional meltdown massage. For those with back or shoulder ache, they can also indulge in a relaxing and effective "Tui Na" massage. This massage helps to undo those “knots” in the body, improving the “Qi” and blood circulation of our internal organs for better health.

Using high quality pure Coconut oil sourced from Sri Lanka, these massages cover all parts of the body and pressure applied can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. 

Main Treatment Effects

  •     Promotes circulation
  •     Releases toxins
  •     Relieves stress and tension 
  •     Rich moisturising effect
  •     Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties
  •     Improves sensitive skin


Coconut Oil

Our coconut oil is sourced from Sri Lanka - The World's TOP 5 largest producer of Coconuts.

After the coconuts are cultivated, their oil is extracted using a method called cold pressing. During which, the oil from the coconut flesh is mechanically pressed out at temperatures not exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve its properties.

Coconut oil is very moisturising and contains antimicrobial properties which can treat acne and reduce skin inflammation. 

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Treatment Procedure:

  1. Change Out of Clothes
  2. Feet Cleanse 1
  3. Body De-stressing 
  4. Full Body Massage 
  5. Feet Cleanse 2
  6. Change into Clothes


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