Upper Back Gua Sha + Infrared Therapy + Massage

  • Treatment Details

Treatment Details


Just like your face, your back needs tender loving care too! Bioskin’s Upper Back Gua Sha is a simple and gentle technique that increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow on your back and reaches into deeper layers of the skin to activate energy flow.

Performed with a relieving massage with massage oil, this treatment gives a therapeutic detoxifying and tension relieving session for your back.

Main Treatment Effects

  • Increases blood circulation
  •  Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Acne control on your back
  • Releases toxins and clears congestion
  • Activates cells to regains skin elasticity and firmness
  • Relaxing upper back and clears congestion
  • SHA that appears on skin after treatments reflex different body issues and releases blockages which gives you an immediate pain and sore relief feeling

Added Benefits

  • Relaxes body muscles and relieve areas of tension
  •  Alleviates stress-related symptoms and fatigue

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Treatment Procedure:

1.  Pre-treatment Preparation 

2.  Perform Upper Massage + Infrared Therapy 

3.  Upper back Gua sha

4.  End Of Treatment 

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