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Luminous Crystal Treatment 2.0

Bioskin's Luminous Crystals Treatment 2.0 is an upgraded, multistep facial designed to combat dull and tired-looking skin.

The treatment universally beneficial, safe for all faces, and requires no downtime. It also boost its circulation, allowing your skin's inner glow to shine through for a more luminous visiblitiy of your skin allowing you to look youthful once again.

Main Treatment Effects

  •     Skin re-oxygenated and hydrated
  •     Deep exfoliation to reveal a layer of healthy skin
  •     Skin refined, smoothen and radiant
  •     Skin youthful & lustrous


Added Benefits

  •     Improved Skin Texture/appearance
  •     Enhanced Collagen Growth
  •     Strengthens Skin Defences
  •     Boosts Cell Metabolism


Bubble Pen

Bioskin’s Luminous Crystal cleanse through using by Bubble Pen which can delivers active oxygen with our soothing cleanser which suit to any skin type to remove sebum & skin impurities.  Active oxygen has strong penetration ability, using the principle of physicochemical.

Crystal Peel

Aqua Salicylic Acid completely breaking down clogs in pores and reducing pore sizes which keeps our skin more hydrated


Firms and smoothens skin texture, yielding "botox-like" results.

Serum Face Massage

The technique uses light pressure and specific motions to gently drain excess fluid, toxins and improve blood circulation. We have 3 types of serum which we will use accordingly to skin needs.

  •     Brightening serum -skin illuminating
  •     Revitalising serum - cell regeneration
  •     x3 lightening serum - lightening skin pigmentation.


Nano 02 Mist

Our oxygen misting with specialised cocktails which penetrates deeply into skin epidermal layer. Having anti-oxidant ability, instigates new skin cell growth and boost cell metabolism leaves skin softens, restores barrier and strengthen skin defences.

Light Therapy

Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, emits varying wavelengths of light to address diverse skin concerns, with each LED color targeting specific issues.

Causes of Dull Skin

  •     Excessive Sun Exposure
  •     Inadequate Sleep
  •     Stress
  •     Unbalanced Diet
  •     Poor Lifestyle Habits
  •     Poor Skincare Habits


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Treatment Procedure: 

  1. Bubble Pen Cleansing
  2. Crystal Peel
  3. Micro- Lift  
  4. Serum Facial Massage + Eye Massage
  5. Ultrasound + Hydromax 
  6. Nano Oxygen Misting with Cocktails
  7. Light Therapy & Serum Mask + Shoulder Massage
  8. Cold steam & Scalp Massage 
  9. Aftercare Product Application 


* Top-up options: A to E
A. Foot Pressure Detox
B. Ampoule
C. Eye Treatment
D. Lymphatic Neck Massage
E. Scalp & Shoulder Massage Therapy
A range of top-up options are available following an in-depth skin analysis and consultation. T&Cs apply

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