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Platinum Anti-Age Facial

Suitable for mature skin and pigmented skin condition

Platinum has an exceptionally high skin absorption rate, the particles chemically attach to active anti-aging ingredients helping them to penetrate deeper into the skin yielding better youth-renewing results  

Platinum benefits

Platinum has been shown to exhibit antioxidant activity, reducing inflammation and free-radical damage and protecting the outer skin layer. Ultimately this leads to healthier, stronger, and brighter skin.

  • Retextures and removes skin impurities
  • Enhance natural defence of the skin and makes it firm and supple
  • Minimizes the pores and provides nourishment
  • Makes the skin smooth, revitalized and leaves it with a radiant glow



Gold Benefits 


Suitable for pre-mature ageing skin with mild acne & erythema skin issues

Gold helps keep the collagen level steady and makes your skin firms, so that you don't have a sagging skin- a sign of ageing. Gold helps in activating the basal cells of your skin thereby increasing elasticity. This in turn reduces wrinkles, spots, blemishes,  and fine lines, thus clearing up your skin.


  •  Anti-ageing
  •  Reducing inflammation and redness
  •  Protecting against free radicals
  •  Supporting collagen production
  •  Increase of absorption of skin care protection




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Treatment Procedure:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Scrub 
  3. Dermal Peel Application 
  4. Cold Bar Therapy + Stem Cell Serum
  5. Gold Leaf Application + Hot Steam + Massage
  6. Serum Mask + Shoulder Massage
  7. Cold Mist + Scalp Massage
  8. Aftercare Product Application


* Top-up options: A to E
A. Foot Pressure Detox
B. Ampoule
C. Eye Treatment
D. Lymphatic Neck Massage
E. Scalp & Shoulder Massage Therapy
A range of top-up options are available following an in-depth skin analysis and consultation. T&Cs apply

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