Herbal Scalp Treatment 2.0

  • Treatment Details

Treatment Details

Are you suffering from recurring headaches? Stressful lifestyle? Having irregular sleep patterns or insomnia? If you are facing any of these issues then do not worry! Our newly improved Herbal Scalp Treatment 2.0 is equivalent to a physiotherapy treatment for the whole body! This treatment aids those who may experience discomfort due to long hours of sitting or people spending a large amount of time on their electronic devices, causing stiff neck and shoulder which eventually leads to pre-matured brain aging and headaches.

Introducing the new waterfall equipment which pours herbal soup onto the scalp, allowing optimal absorption. Our herbal soup formula includes old ginger to dispel wind and dampness from the body, as well as mugwort(艾草), a herb that aids detoxification and boost energy level. Our therapist uses a combine technique that follows the flow of the meridian lines on the scalp to improve blood circulation by removing its blockages, dispel toxins and restore balance of the Yin and Yang.

On top of this, we are providing a complementary scalp, neck and shoulder massage that helps to soothe soreness and aches. People who are suffering from cold hands and feet may find remedy from this treatment too. This treatment is suitable for all scalp conditions. Come and enjoy @$48* only! Term & conditions apply.

Session will be approximately 2 hrs.

Main Treatment Effects

  • Acupoint massages to target lymph drainage 
  • Remove blockages to impove energy flow 
  • Dispel toxic, dampness and wind from scalp 
  • Improves stiff neck and shoulder 
  • Improves sleep quality 
  • Relieves headaches
  • Warmth cold hands and feet
  • Reduce hair loss

Treatment Procedures:

1.    HEAT gel Massage removes scalp debris
2.    Shampoo wash with scalp + neck massages
3.    Herbal Soup Waterfall + Meridien lines Combing technique
4.    Herbal Soup Waterfall + Acupoint Scalp massage
5.    Herbal Soup Waterfall
6.    Herbal Soup Nano Steam + Neck & Shoulder Massages
7.    Blow dry hair

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