Brush to Sculpt Therapy

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Bioskin's Brush to Sculpt Therapy sculpts your body by reducing cellulite and water retention. The massage technique used along with our meridian brush improves blood circulation and aids in overall health & immune system.

The five-element meridian brush can quickly unclog the lymphatic vessels and meridians of various parts of the body, and then play the role of weight loss and beauty. The elastic bumps form small intervals to squeeze the cellulite, break up the hard fat, and effectively eliminate the cellulite. With proper strength and coconut oil, the meridians can pass through the meridians to prevent toxins from accumulating. Effectively combine the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine to speculate the health value of users. Can achieve a slimming effect with half the effort.

Main Treatment Benefits

  • Removes Cellulite for Lifting Effect
  • Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage
  • Rid Water Retention
  • Improves Digestive System

Different parts of the body for total well-being:

  • For local weight loss: break up fat quickly, save time and effort, and no longer let the beautician rub and pant;
  • Used for head massage: improve hair growth, prevent hair loss, scalp, insomnia, memory loss, dark yellow complexion. Very convenient to use;
  • Used for foot therapy: brushing the sole of the foot before manual massage, the blood circulation effect is more than 20 times stronger than manual massage, and it is extremely labor-saving. The brush heats the entire leg and the whole body is smooth;
  • Used for detoxification of legs, sculpture of legs: the best choice to eliminate edema, eliminate small rashes on the legs, eliminate dryness of the legs, and eliminate fat on the legs.



1. Clean treated area, 

2. Apply oil, 

3. Perform Brush-to-sculpt, 

4. Clean treated area, 

5. End

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