Magic Slim Body Therapy

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Bioskin's Magic Slim Body Therapy is an aesthetic technique that combines Multi-Polar Radiofrequency(RF), Magnetic Pulse Therapy and VariPulse technologies to heat tissues for remodeling, stimulating subdermal collagen production and vasodilation. Our massage technique combined with this vital heat touch therapy helps to firm skin, improve blood circulation and accelerate body metabolism to break down fats.


This treatment warms the muscle tissues, by emitting heat as pre-selected temperatures to ensure penetration and effect on deep tissues. By burning the targeted cell fats in the body, there are different settings to match the different body areas, like abdomen, thighs and arms. This makes it effective for toxin removal and water retention management.


Specifially designed for stimulating the metabolic rate and fat catabolism in particular, Vital Heat touch is a highly effective technology to dissolve fact cell mass using internal thermal heat generated by radio waves. Slimming effects are obtained through what is know as a “deep tissues heating effect”, by relaxing fibrosis tissues.


This reduces Cellulite through removal of waste lymphatic fluids circulations and high degree of Vital Heat penetrations which helps to naturally burn out fatty tissues. lastly, abdominal Visceral Fat is dissolved, relaxing body and stimulate endorphin hormones for a wholesome feeling.



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