5 in 1 Jamu Treatment



  • Treatment Details

Treatment Details

5 in 1 Jamu Treatment is the ultimate slimming treatment that consists of G5 / Magic Slim, + IFR + Jamu Wrap + Thermal Heat Gel.

Main Treatment Effects


  • Breaks down Fatty deposits and cellulite打散脂肪沉积和蜂窝组织
  • Gently smoothens the skin texture轻轻抚平肌肤纹理
  • Improves Blood circulation改善血液循环
  • Excellent for toning of muscle非常适合肌肉的紧质
  • Assisting in weight lost and detoxing协助减肥和排毒
  • Excellent in reducing excess fluids优异的减少多余的液体
  • Accelerates lymphatic drainage of trapped toxins加速被困毒素的淋巴引流
  • Evens out the lumps去除肿块
  • Breaks down fibrosis打破纤维化
  • Gives relief to residual pain重温残余疼痛
  • Reduces swelling and speeds up recovery减少肿胀并加速恢复

Magic Slim

  • Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation(刺激血液和淋巴的循环)
  • Promotes oxygenation within the tissues(提升皮肤组织的供氧)
  • Unblocks localised water retention (减轻水肿,排除脸部多余水份)
  • Increases massage therapy efficacy(增加按摩疗效)
  • Accelerates cell & tissue activity( 加速细胞和组织的活动)
  • Breaks down fats (分解脂肪细胞)
  • Accelerates body metabolism (促进新陈代谢)

IFR + IFR Light

  • Used for firming and toning body muscles 紧致和收紧肌肉
  • Improves muscle elasticity 改善肌肉弹性
  • Improvement of skin temperature regulation调节肌肤的温度
  • Increases blood circulation 加强血液循环
  • Increase metabolism 提高新陈代谢
  • Softens and warms skin tissue (Infra Ray) 软化和温暖肌肤组织
  • Enhances further therapeutic effect for better blood circulation (Infra Ray) 加强治疗效果和跟好的血液循环  
  • Helps in pain management (muscle relaxing) 有助于疼痛管理(肌肉放松)


  • Reduces bloated stomach and wind 减少胃胀风
  • Reduces water retention 减轻水肿
  • Strengthens tissue elasticity 增强皮肤组织弹性

Thermal Heat Gel 1% & 3% 热胶

  • Ideal for fast detoxification and slimming 快速排毒和瘦身
  • Stimulates fat burning 刺激脂肪燃烧
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation 促进健康的血液循环
  • Removes unwanted tissue waste 清除皮肤组织里的毒素 
  • Penetrates deep into the fat layer to stimulate bio-heat 渗透到脂肪层刺激生物热能

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Treatment Procedure:

1. Skin Analysis
2. Selection or G5 or Magic Slim
3. IFR + Light 
4. Jamu Wrap
5. Apply Thermal Heat Gel
6. End of Treatment

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